This is a campaign set in the environs around Keep on the Shadowfel. Although the adventure begins with a modified version of KotSF, it continues with a homebrew storyline.

Opening Credits

All of you were born into the shadow of a vanished empire. The dragonborn empire of Nerath once stretched across the whole continent, but that was over a hundred years ago. The empire fell apart from internal strife and the constant pressure from raids by goblins, giants, and other creatures large and small.

The people now struggle to make a living any way that they can. There is no legion to guard them anymore, and they live in fear of dark forces moving across the countryside, both real and imagined. The towns and cities of the world are points of light in a very dark place. Travel between cities is at best unsafe.

You young heroes grew up together in the small city of Fallcrest. Guided by your common dream of making this world a better place you fell under the tutelage of Douven Stahl, an adventurer. He taught you the basic principles of sword play and magic, and you have aided the city guard of Fallcrest on more then one occasion.

That brings us to the present day. Douven Stahl left for the village of Winterhaven over a month ago. He had heard tell of a Dragon Burial site near the village and wished to excavate it in search of the fallen dragons treasure. He promised to send word back as soon as he had any leads, but no word has come to you. You and your friends have picked up your adventuring gear, and are now nearing the village of Winterhaven in search of your missing mentor, and any adventure you might stumble into along the way.

Shadows over Wintermist