Shadows over Wintermist

Caves are for Kobolds

Our heros sat and rested after their climactic battle with the kobolds. They decided to track down the escaped kobold, while Douven Stahl took the captured gnome Agrid off to Winterhaven for questioning.

Before he left, the characters quizzed Douven about his captivity, and about the necklace that they found on one of the kobolds. He revealed that it was as they suspected a rendering of the Demon Prince of the Undead: Orcus. A cult of Orcus used to operate in this vicinity in the times of the old dragonborn empire. The empire sent in a legion and destroyed the cult, then constructed the keep to the north of Winterhaven to keep the region safe.

Not being used to being out of the city, the Dragon Brothers had some difficulty navigating the forested hills, but eventually succeeded in tracking the kobold back to its lair. They lay in wait for the evening, watching what the kobolds were up to. Their observations paid off, and they observed the trap that was laid out for them.

After resting for the evening, the Dragon Brothers headed south, and crossed the river away from the kobold lair. This allowed them to sneak up behind the waiting ambush and annihilate the kobolds from the rear. Two kobold slingers retreated inside the cave, summoning more kobold footsoldiers. They pelted the party with javelins and spears but to no effect. The Dragon Brothers handily crushed them.

After the fight was over they had an opportunity to explore the cavern. The first two chambers seemed to be carved from the natural rock, perhaps an old bed of the stream outside. At the back of the second chamber however, it looked as if the kobolds had used picks to open up the wall and break into an ancient fane.

The walls inside are of sturdy but weathered masonry, and on everything hangs a chilling dew. In this damp environment the Dragon Brothers stumbled across another group of kobolds: a priest, the rogue who had escaped them the previous day, and a swarm of skeletal drakes. Though the skeletal drakes proved very dangerous, the party prevailed, readying themselves for the final fight of the kobold lair. . .

Total XP: 1325 XP per PC: 331



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