Shadows over Wintermist

Dragons should stay buried

Our party of heroes returned to Wintercrest, with the body of the slain former guardsmen in tow. The townspeople were very upset by this turn of events, many placing flowers on the body as it was taken with solemn reverence to Paddington’s manor. Paddington filled the 100gp reward as promised, then said that he would send out a patrol of 5 of Winterhaven’s Regulars to make contact with the southern farms and get provisions for the town.

Next the heroes decided to look through the equipment that Douven Stahl had left behind. They discovered a partially finished letter to his wife explaining his discoveries, and a well detailed map to the excavation of the dragon burial site. His letter speaks of seeing many different dragon and drake bones in the site, he hopes to find treasure still buried within.

After resting in the Inn, our heroes head ot the South East, looking for the dragon burial site. They find a camp, with the gnome Agrid sitting atop a crate and smoking his pipe. Agrid tries to convince the party to follow him down into the excavation, but the party is not fooled and is ready for his ambush. After a tough fight, Agrid is captured, and the other monsters lie dead. Douven is discovered under a nearby blanket. Agrid doesnt seem to know much beyond the name of his employer: Kalarel.

When the party headed up to investigate Agrid’s campsite, they discovered a group of kobolds attempting to remove the crate that Agrid had been sitting on. Ghesh charged after the kobolds fleeing with the crate, taking one down before succumbing himself. Kesh, Fred, and Daar barely held off the other 5 kobolds. Fred bravely risked his life to apply first aid to Ghesh, and the heroes defeated the majority of the kobolds.

The last remaining kobold runs off to the northeast with the crate intact . . .

Total XP: 2088 XP per PC: 522



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