Shadows over Wintermist

Grinding Goblins

The next morning dawns gray and drizzly as the Dragon Brothers head north towards the ruined keep. Ever since Sir Keegan disappeared into the Keep’s depths smeared with the blood of his own family, there has been no watch on the rift it was meant to protect. The Brothers fear that the shadowy figure of Kalarel may be trying to open this rift to the Shadow Fel.

Surveying the keep, they find an opening down into the crypts below. The rest of the keep has been reduced to a jumbled heap of rubble. As they descend into the crypts below the former keep, they can see hints of torchlight ahead.

Goblins. The entryway to the crypts reeks of them. Daar spots a pit trap that the goblins have laid out for our heroes, and they avoid it easily. They make quick work of the 4 goblins and the swarm of rats at the entranceway.

After dispatching the goblins our heroes are faced with a choice: descend one of two stairways going into darkness, or proceed to the North-East in torchlight. They choose the North-East, and come across a goblin torture chamber. The Brothers fight in the doorway, limiting the attacks of the torturer and his guards and dispatch them all quickly. All of them, except for Splug.

It seems Splug has had enough of working for Balgron the Fat and wishes to seek greener pastures with the heroes. He describes the next room for them, where Balgron has his headquarters. The guards there use a bell as an alarm system to warn of intruders.

Armed with this information, the Dragon Brothers charge into Balgron’s room and snatch the bell before it can be rung. This buys them a few rounds to clean up the guards before proceeding to the inner chamber. Unfortunately Balgron fled at the sounds of battle.

Searching Balgron’s room, the heroes uncover a secret passage, and a chest with no key . . .

Total XP: 1675 XP per PC: 418

Campaign Total so far: 2003



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