Shadows over Wintermist

Keep Out is for Sissies

So the heroes return to the fungus covered doors. Ignoring the “Keep out. Really.” message scratched on its surface, they push their way into the room. Immediately suspicious of the treasure sitting on the island in the middle of the chamber they examine the pool in detail. They notice ripples moving in the brackish water, as if something stirs beneath the surface.

Daar decides that fortune favors the bold and viciously mocks the watery entity. A Blue Slime boils to the surface of the pool and its foul stench overwhelms some of the party. The party is worried about the slime using the watery terrain to its advantage. Ghesh and Fred gather a few corpses of the giant rats they killed yesterday and tie them to a rope, while the rest of the party begins getting clobbered by the slime. Ghesh tosses the homemade lure directly into the heart of the slime, and they start a deadly tug of war. Soon the rest of the party is hauling on the rope, and they drag the slime out into the corridor.

Enraged, the slime begins to spray acid everywhere, lashing out with its pseudopods at the same time. The party is trapped in the close space of the corridors, and takes a beating from the slime. Almost everyone is severely bloodied by the time the slime is finally beaten into submission.

Undaunted, the heroes retrace their steps to the entrance, and then head south. From down a stairway comes the sickly sweet smell of decay. When the players descend they find themselves in a maze, a maze adorned with strange luminescent glyphs in the floor. After investigating the glyphs the heroes find that they are activated by touch, and Daar decides to touch one to see what happens. A screaming skull erupts from the floor and sends Ghesh and Fred running straight into the arms of waiting zombies.

Zombies come running out of the depths of the maze at the sound, swarming the party. Most of the zombies are rotten however, and the party quickly cuts them down.

They continue to explore the rest of the maze, eventually working their way through the glyphs. They discover that the glyphs only seem to be able to affect someone once, so they inoculate themselves and move on.

At the northern end of the maze, the sharp eyes of the group pick out a secret doorway. Inside they find four more zombies quickly dispatched and a riddle over an old piece of armor. Debate rages among the group about the solution to the riddle, but Kesh eventually emerges with the correct answer. The armor knits itself back together and Kesh slips on his new magical armor.

Seeing another stairway down into the depths, the party backtracks through the maze, and finds a partially lit area with many sarcophagi. When they attempt to pry one open, all of them fly open disgorging a flood of skeletons. The heroes beat the skeletons back, but more pour forth every round. Noticing an altar in the next room, Kesh teleports through the mob and offers a prayer to Bahamut, ending the skeletal onslaught.

Total XP: 2830 XP per PC: 566



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