Shadows over Wintermist

Slimes Suffer Silently

When the Dragon Brothers emerge from Balgron’s room, they discover that someone else is exploring this ancient ruin. Kriv the Dragonborn Paladin is searching all over the fallen empire of Nerath for neglected shrines of Bahamut. He has heard that one is located in the crypts of this old keep, and joins the brothers on their quest to purge the place.

Our heroes continue their search for the recently fled Balgron the Fat. There are no obvious tracks to follow, so the heroes proceed towards the hushed sounds of goblin voices they can hear around a corner. With the element of surprise, they charge around the corner into an excavated room. The goblins and gaurd drakes fall swiftly, the last goblin begging for its pathetic life. It offers up an ancient holy symbol of Bahamut in exchange for its life.

Splug reveals that the surrendered goblin is one of his former tormentors, and demands retribution. The heroes give him a club to sort it out with and he chases the other goblin out of the room, returning with a savage and satisfied grin on his face.

With no luck in the lit chambers of the crypts, the heroes backtrack slightly to a stair that descends into darkness and dank caves. Snapping a sun rod they head down into the darkness. They slowly explore the cavern, watching the giant rats flee before them. They find a door covered in mold with the words: “Keep Out. Really.” scratched into it. It is so difficult to see that an Ochre Jelly is on top of them before they are aware of it.

The Jelly puts up a tough fight. Once it has engaged the heroes, the giant rats begin to harry the parties flanks. Kesh is clobered by the Jellys brutal attacks, but a quick word from Daar brings him back from the brink of death.

When the Jelly splits, Balgron the Fat emerges from his hiding place, firing round after round from his crossbow into the rear of the party. Its a chaotic hectic fight, and the heroes emerge bruised and bloody but victorious. They decide to sleep for the night in Balgron’s secret chamber.

Waking the next morning and feeling refreshed, our heroes decide to finish exploring the cave system. They head south, and stumble into a kruthik nest. The ability of the kruthik to burrow lets them get into the back of the party and seriously injure Fred the Gray, while the Adult kruthik fires spine after spine of deadly poison into the parties front line. Kriv makes excellent use of his martial training shoving the adult into one of the crude pits the goblins have dug in the area. Finally the nest is destroyed.

Total XP: 2436 XP per PC: 487



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