Shadows over Wintermist

The Heroes Arrive

Our band of adventures were traveling from Fallcrest to Winterhavenin search of their missing mentor Douven Stahl (aka Splinter). After a largely uneventful trip along the decaying King’s Road, they encountered a kobold ambush. Ghesh was the first to spot the scaly sub-humans lurking in the underbrush. With their ambush ruined, the kobolds were quickly laid to waste.

After the ambush the journey quickly took an ominous turn. Farms lay ruined and burnt out on the side of the road. Farmers and their families lay slain in their own homes. Around each torched farm was a cluster of kobold tracks.

After finally arriving in Winterhaven, the party gravitated to Wrafton’s Inn and set up lodging for the evening. After asking a few questions of Salvana Wrafton (the proprietor), they discovered that Douven Stahl had made it to Winterhaven, and that he had taken off after a dragon burial site. After questioning Elian the Old (the town drunk) they received a map, the same map that Elian had drawn for their mentor. The innkeeper also provided the group with the personal affects that Douven Stahl had left behind when he failed to return.

The party discovered that no contact had been had with the south-western farms for some time. They decided to go to Lord Paddington (local Lord) and see if he needed assistance as food supplies in the town were beginning to get low. Kesh bluffed the guards at the inner gate, gaining the party access to see the lord. Here they learned that the Winterhaven Regulars (town guard) had been assaulted by kobolds when trying to contact the southern farms. Lord Paddington offered a reward of 100 gold and 5 gold per kobold head should the adventurers make contact with the farmers to the south and bring back word of the missing Regular.

As the party headed south they encountered a blockade manned by kobolds, a similar ambush to the one they massacred on their way to Winterhaven. They struck from behind, taking the kobolds largely unawares, with the small exception of a drug addled warning from Kesh. Here Ghesh hewed one sneaky kobold in half, while Fred incinerated another leaving only his head behind. Kesh showed off his surprisingly competent opportunity attack, and Daar gave a rousing ancient draconic chant to keep the party motivated while dealing devastatingly accurate strikes.

Exploring south along the road after the ambush, the party discovered more smoldering farms. Most of the farms were sites of obvious murder, with blood spatter all around, but no bodies could be found. As they rounded a bend in the road they discovered why: a wight. The wight was raising the farm-folk to serve as a fresh and terrifying army.

Ghesh flew into a rage at the sight, charging the enemy and slaying many in a flurry of blows. With the rest of the party aiding him the wight was soon no more. Tattooed onto the Wights flesh were the following arcane commands:

Slay the living
Raise the dead
Seal Winterhaven
Keep their eyes on the south

Total XP: 1754 XP per PC: 438



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