Douven Stahl

Mentor to the Dragon Brothers and all around adventurer


Douven Stahl is a Dragonborn adventurer from the city of Fallcrest. It is there that he mentored 4 young Dragonborn who went on to become the Dragon Brothers.

The disappearance of Douven was the impetus for the Dragon Brothers to begin their adventuring career. They discovered him being held by the gnome Agrid in an excavation site. The heroes freed their mentor and captured Agrid, dragging him back to Winterhaven.

Douven Stahl worked tirelessly with Vorethal the Seer to attempt to unravel the mysteries around the Keep on the Shadowfel. Together they were able to give the Dragon Brothers information about the rift beneath the keep, and the fall of its last commander Sir Keegan.

Douven Stahl

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