An ancient human city it had long been abandoned.


This ancient ruined city sits on a peninsula jutting into the frigid waters of Wintermist lake. Most of the structures are damaged but still standing. The walls have fallen over in sections, littering stone outward from the city.

As you draw closer, you can see that the tumbled ramparts have been recently re-enforced with wooden barricades. From within come the sounds of civilization. Out from the city walls is largely fallen-in and overgrown housing, although a few stone structures still exist outside the walls. One of these structures has a banner draped across the front of the building.

The gates appear to be guarded.

Outside Kel’Rach

There are 3 intact stone buildings. One of them is occupied by the Dwarven Investigators Guild. The other two are unoccupied. DIG is captained by Durin Deepforge. He seeks the location of the lost dwarven city of Molten Forge.

There are no farms, although there are several paddocks of sheep and pigs close to the city walls. Each paddock has a few guards that look suspiciously at new comers and point them unceremoniously to the front gate.

The Gate

Four men stand watch at the front gate. The gate itself consists of two-wooden barricades that have to be manually lifted into place. Behind the gate are two large buildings that have been taken over as barracks for the town guard.

Market Square

The heart of the old city, the square has been largely cleared of debris. Several buildings have been recently repaired:

Town Temple – Dominating the central square, this temple is dedicated to Bahamut.

The Frosty Ale – Local pub and gathering place. Locals drink free.

Ration House – Food rations are handed out to the locals here. Food for outsiders is available for a fee.


The housing section of town is largely still rundown. Burlap has been used to fill holes in some of the roofs, but tumbled blocks of stone still liter the street.

The Keep

The keep sits on the far spit of the peninsula, with its own wall. The entire structure has been immaculately repaired with clean cut stone. If there are any stone masons in town, they were kept busy here for a long time.


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